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University in Pristina
Kosovska Mitrovica

Student Parliament
University of Pristina

Jorge Marcano (Venezuela)

My expectations about MWU were kind of abstract, considering the fact that I was embarking on a learning journey towards a ‘conflict’ zone. I was prepared to live in rustic accommodation and in a challenging environment every day.

Nonetheless, my everlasting impressions and on-site experiences were completely different: I got to enjoy the formidable hospitality of the Serbian people, enjoy unforgettable lectures, debates and many fantastic activities, plus I had the chance to visit some of the best landscapes and cultural heritage sites in south-eastern Europe.

Furthermore, the warmth, camaraderie and kind spirit that were exchanged between international colleagues and the helpfulness and professionalism of the MWU team completed a wonderful scholarly experience that was perfectly balanced between lectures, parties, social events and leisure time.

The only thing about MWU 2011 is that nobody warns you how much you will miss it after you depart from Mitrovica. The people, the place and the magical moments that we lived and created in this culture of dynamic learning will be forever treasured among my purest of memories.

Neda Velkova (Bulgaria)

I came to Mitrovica not knowing what to expect. I did not want to be burdened by expectations but to keep my mind open for whatever I was to find here – the people, the town, the classes. I am happy that I approached the whole experience in such a way, because it allowed me to genuinely appreciate it. I am lost for words to describe how much I liked MWU 2011. These have been an intense two weeks – not only in terms of studying, but also in terms of gathering and processing impressions, of getting to know the local culture, of meeting both local and international people.

I was amazed at how positive everybody was, coming here from different places and different backgrounds, but always willing to share their stories if you were willing to listen. To me, MWU proved that education has the capacity to bring people together by turning differences and ‘un-sameness’ into diversity, thus uniting us on the grounds of our common human essence regardless of origin and nationality.

I loved Mitrovica: the smiles and good words of its people always warmed the cold winter streets. The hospitality of the organisers was exceptional. The local charm and peculiarities were truly entertaining and eye-opening.

I am going home a richer person than when I came. I gained knowledge and understanding on the subject of cultural heritage, got a glimpse of what life in the region is like, made many bright-spirited friends. I am taking with me the precious memories of deep conversations, heated debates and countless shared crazy laughs. I have lovecad every moment of every day I spent here.

Stevan Stancic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

You do not find time to get anywhere or do anything. You arrive in a ‘semi-town’ – small, almost provincial – and do not expect anything. Absolutely nothing! And you think about how you will spend two weeks on these few hundred square meters? And then you find yourself, usually at the end of the first week, feeling that nothing can be reached.

You live at 200 miles per hour, and often in an unknown direction: breakfast, course, lunch, course, something, dinner, something, the latest news, midnight, sometimes the morning … Something is always happening and you have the feeling that you missed a lot! Coming to the Mitrovica Winter University means: RUN!