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University in Pristina
Kosovska Mitrovica

Student Parliament
University of Pristina

What does MWU 13 stand for?

MWU 13 stands for Mitrovica Winter University 2013 that is based in the town Kosovska Mitrovica (North).

When will MWU 13 start?

MWU 13 will start on 21th January. The arrival in Mitrovica and coordination day is Friday, 21st of January. The Mitrovica Winter University will last until 1st February while the departure day is 2nd or 3rd February. The opening ceremony will take place on the 24th, the first day of classes!

What is SEE?

SEE stands for South East Europe. This term is usually used regarding students who are coming from countries within this region.

How many courses do we have this year?

This year we’ll have a total of 6 courses. The list goes::

What is the weather like?

The weather is continental, so winters are usually very cold with temperatures dropping down below 0 degree of Celsius.

What are the additional events (cultural events, sports events, field trips, concerts) that the Mitrovica Winter University offers?

Mitrovica Winter University offers various types of extra-curricular activities such as excursions to the places of cultural significance, sports, movie nights, public debates etc.

Where will the participants be accommodated? Where will they eat? Is there a vegetarian meal option available?

Housing arrangements for all participants who do not live in Kosvska Mitrovica will be made.
Accommodation will be arranged to cover the time of your course, plus 1 days preceding and/or following your course period if necessary (depending on the dates of your arrival and departure). If you intend to arrive more than 1 day earlier or leave more than 1 day later, please inform us in a timely manner.
Each participant will receive further information on his/ her stay in K. Mitrovica prior to departure and an information package upon arrival in K. Mitrovica. Vegetarian meals will be provided.

What’s the most recommendable travel option when traveling to Kosovska Mitrovica from Belgrade? What when traveling from Skopje (train, bus)?

All confirmed students will receive a Welcome pack with all necessary information about traveling to and from K. Mitrovica prior to departure.

Who can apply for a scholarship and what is covered by a scholarship?

Students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldavia, Serbia, Turkey and Cyprus can apply for a scholarship. Scholarship includes reimbursement for travel expenses – look for prices in the Information Participants Guide 2013 – accommodation, food, lectures and classes are tuition free.
Students from EU and beyond can not apply for scholarship but lectures and classes are tuition free for them as well.

Can I take more then one course? Can I drop and add courses during the Winter University?

You can apply for 3 courses, but you will be chosen for one. Once you have been chosen for one course you cannot drop and change courses!

Will I get transcript certificate/credits?

You will get a certificate worth 3 ECTS points at the Closing Ceremony. This is on the condition that you’ve been present at 80% of your classes and pass the exam.

Is health insurance covered by the course fee/scholarship?

Health insurance is not covered and we advise you to take a very good care of your health before and during MWU 13!